Sunday, 2 May 2010

Mari Mahr - between ourselves

I found an absolutely amazing photographer! I'm really excited about this find.... shes so relevant to what I'm doing :)
I scanned in all these pictures from the book 'Between ourselves'.

Mari Mahr

Mahr generally works in series, each small collection of black and white images – half remembered, half invented – weaving dreams and telling tales, a mystery for us to unravel.

Mahr's photo series challenge the idea of historical fact, implying instead that personal memories and historical events seep into each other and are threaded through with myth and fantasy. Many of her works are collaged from the relationships with her mother, grandmother and daughter. That linkage, and the various biographical, social and cultural fragments which are passed along it, signify a search for anchorage among the displacements in her life.

"Time for Sorrow"

'My mothers memory remain in myriad things that surround me- whether in some drawing pins I happen to be using or a hundred year old tree I am passing by. Regardless of their scale, in reality, all of these things are of equal significance in my mind'

'Latin america'

''Presents for Suzanna"

Here Mahr places small gifts over the image of a childhood friend, offerings from the present to the past, symbolising friendship over time.

'A few days in Geneva'

'I only have to cross the channel to the continent and see those farmiliar cobblestones and rooftops to make my childhood memories come flooding back. This record of a short trip to Geneva is about such a time'

" My daughter, my darling..."

I have constructed a stage on which to converse with my daughter. The stage, [her vocation], is set up against a chilean landscape [where I was born]. I feel I am here to pass on to my daughter all that has been passed onto me along this long line of female descendants. This stage can continue to be such a place for dialogue between us"

"13 clues to a fictitious crime"

No real crime has been committed. The recurring face that is of my mother - youthful in a way i only knew her from early photographs. The objects also come from my family - i brought them all with me from hungary. With this series i confirmed this new vocabulary for my work"

Marh's work is defiantly consistent and has a very unique style. It's very strange in a sense that unless told, it's impossible to understand what the images are about. I do love these though! I think I have found another favorite photographer :D
Her style has got me thinking about an idea....

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